How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

To Start Sweet Potato Slips You Will Need:
1 wide mouth canning jar, or something similar
1 healthy, firm medium sized sweet potato
4 tooth picks or thin bamboo skewers
A sunny window sill

Look at your sweet potato. One end looks like it has been broken off from the plant and the other end does not. The end that looks like like it was torn from the plant, will face up, and the other end will face down. 


Poke the tooth picks into the sweet potato 1/3 of the way down from the top. The tooth pics will be used to help balance the sweet potato in the jar.


Set the sweet potato in the jar and fill with water a couple of inches from the top.

Put it in a sunny window and watch what happens!   In a couple of weeks, the sweet potato will start to sprout. Change the water occasionally to keep it fresh. When the sprouts are 5-6 ” long, carefully pick them off at the base where they are attached to the sweet potato.  Put them in a jar filled with water to root.


Once the ground is warm enough and the slips you harvested off of the sweet potato have a good set of roots it can be planted in the ground.  When it gets closer to sweet potato planting time,  in late May, we will give you planting directions!   Stay tuned!