Sustainable St. Paul Award goes to Growing West Side!

On April 20th, Growing West Side received a Sustainable Saint Paul Award

Sustainable St Paul award, Growing West Side

Rebecca Noecker, Molly Phipps, Steve Bivans, Mayor Chris Coleman

from the Mayor and the City Council, for our work on Local, Healthy Food & Community!

Along with 12 other amazing groups and individuals working on all facets of sustainability, from energy, to clean water, to beautification, to waste, to food and gardening, Growing West Side was proud to be in attendance for this exciting ceremony.

Sustainable St Paul award growing west side

Rebecca Noecker, Barb Rose, Molly Phipps, Steve Bivans

Receiving the award for GWS, were Molly Phipps and Steve Bivans. Julie Nelson arrived just in time to see them accept the award, and Barb Rose–rushing from another meeting–arrived in time for the end of the ceremony and to pose with our city council person, Rebecca Noecker.


We are proud of the recognition for the work Sustainable St. Paul award Growing West Sideof so many volunteers, and want to thank you all, including our steering committee members, Maureen Hark and Sarah Foster, who were not able to attend.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was Steve Bivans’ short acceptance speech, in which he laid down a challenge to all in the room, including the City Council and Mayor Coleman, “to make St. Paul the model for sustainability, not just in Minnesota, not just in the U.S., but for the entire PLANET!

If you’d like to see the entire ceremony, it’s below! If you just want to see the GWS part, and Steve’s short speech, skip to about the 19:30 minute mark in the video.

This is a goal that our city CAN reach, with the help of organizations like the ones in attendance at the ceremony, and with the assistance of our neighbors.

Steve would personally like to challenge the West Side neighborhood, to lead the way for the rest of the city! Let’s DO THIS!

Want to know how to help?

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