Peas Visit the Growing West Side Seed Library!

The Growing West Side Seed Library  Seed of the Month’s Featured Seed is the Pea!


You don’t need to wait for the Seed Library to be open (Wednesdays 4-6 and Saturdays 1-3) to pick up pea seeds this month!  Come to the Riverview Library any time and you can find them in a basket on top of the Seed Library cart on the lower level.

Here are descriptions of what Pea Seeds we have to offer this year:

Green Arrow Peas

The Green Arrow Pea originally comes from England. These peas are meant to be shelled, their pods are a little tough and not so sweet.  The Green Arrow is a very productive plant with the peas usually growing in pairs on the vine.  The vines grow to about 28″ high and need trellising for support. The peas are 4-5 inches long with 8-11 peas in each one. These peas are tolerant of powdery mildew and fusarium wilt.  It takes about 62-70 days before you can harvest.  For best flavor, wait until the pods is plumped out before harvesting. The green arrow pea is excellent for canning, freezing and nibbling on right off the vine!

Oregon Giant Snow Pea

Tiny little peas inside big sweet flat pods combine for a delicious flavor!   The Oregon Giant Snow Pea has beautiful white blossoms and is a good producer of 4″ long pods that are about 1″ wide. The vines grow about 30 inches high and do well with or with out trellising.  These peas are meant to be eaten pod and all!  They are delicious cooked in stir fries or fresh in salads. They have high resistance to fusarium wilt and powdery mildew.  It takes about 69 days to harvest.

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas also have edible pods, but they differ from the snow pea in that the pod is round not flat and the walls of the pod are thick and stringless. Sugar Snap peas are juicy, crisp, sweet and crunchy and they are great to plant for grazing children!  They retain their bright green color even after cooked and freeze well.  These peas grow tall – up to about 60 inches and need to be trellised and take 70 days before you can harvest.  Harvest the peas when the pods start to fatten up but before they get to big.

More  Growing Tips:

For an extended harvest sow seeds 2 or 3 times, 7-10 days apart. The more you pick the more they will produce!

Saving Seeds:

Like we mentioned in the newsletter, if you are interested in learning how to save seeds, peas are a good place to start!  Peas are self pollinating.  If you are a stickler for avoiding cross pollination which can occur if bees have little else to feed on, plant different varieties 50 feet apart.  To save the seeds, let the pods dry on the vine.  Pick them, remove the pea seeds from the pods and continue to dry them completely before storing.  Pea seeds will be good for about 3 years.

Good Luck Planting Your Peas!

Send us your pictures of your peas growing in your garden and favorite pea recipes.  We would love to hear from you!