About Us

Since 2013, Growing West Side has been committed to cultivating opportunities to learn and to build a stronger, healthier and more connected community by supporting the development of programs that provide West Siders easy access to local, healthy foods. Under the umbrella of Growing West Side there are 4 programs: the Growing West Side Seed Library, the West Side Farmers Market, Beans on the Boulevard and the Orchard Project, all supported with educational programming. GWS strives to tap into all of the great talents, skills and passions that are in abundance here to fulfill our mission. It is our opportunity to eat, learn and share together. Come grow with us!

Our Mission

Growing West Side is a grassroots collaborative that cultivates opportunities to learn, to access locally grown food and to build authentic connections with neighbors to create a vibrant, thriving West Side community.

Our Vision

We envision an active West Side community abundant with locally grown food, economic possibilities, and a strong network of engaged neighbors and organizations.

Our Values

Collaboration. We believe that working together as a community enables all to share in a common vision and build our capacity to identify more needs, solve more problems and expand our resources.

Empowerment. All West Siders are valuable contributors and our projects are a platform to gain confidence, share skills, and have a voice in improving our community.

Diversity and Inclusion. We seek to connect individuals of all backgrounds and perspectives by providing common ground for our community to appreciate our similarities and celebrate our differences. 

Sustainability. Our decisions are focused on establishing positive long-term impacts both environmentally and economically on the West Side. 

Culture of Learning. We believe all can be teachers and learners, who share knowledge and resources freely to benefit our community.

Our Steering Committee


Maureen Hark, Education


Barb Rose, Farmers Market


Molly Phipps, Financials


Sarah Foster, Seed Library